This weekend we have mostly been.. Christmas shopping. I loved the Fast Show.

Hannah and I spent this weekend trying to get lots of Christmas shopping done so that we can bringthe presents back when we come home in the coming weeks! This does not mean that you will get to open them any sooner, it’ll just start the agony of not touching, shaking, squeezing, etc the presents. Consider yourself told! Other than we haven’t been up to very much, I went into Science north to ask after drawings of the building so that I may model it for Google earth, I now have the name and number of the CEO. Hopefully that’ll come off.

We’ve been sorting more wedding stuff. I think we are getting closer with each day, logically enough!

This week we’re going to Wacky Wings, which is a new place in town. On Wednesday nights they have am ‘all you can eat’ night, we almost went last Wednesday, but there was a hour wait for a table for two, so we went to Simon’s instead.



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