I loathe throwing out good trousers just because they have holes in the knees. So for just under £4 on ebay I got some iron on patches.. The only draw back is that because I put patches on the inside and outside, and overlapped them on the one leg that area is very stiff now. I’m sure it’ll bed in, or fall off..
I noticed the other day, that the inside wall of the front off side tyre was looking wet. This means icky one thing, leaking wheel cylinder. So off came the wheel today Got the wheel and drum off to find this mess. Got the pads off and proceeded to scrap the muck off everything.. Is it really any wonder that I have leaking cylinder? All that same out of the brake back plate and the shoes.
I have half of my 16 lights up in the garage and I have them powered and switched. Just need to install and connect the rest now.
The boot lid release button on the citroen C4 failed a few weeks back. So I eventually got it out and got a price for a new one. We’ll is have been happy to pay ten quid, is have stretched to twenty. But when I was quoted fifty quid… Well, I just found a little push button switch and lashed it up. Perfect and works beautifully.
Bought some furniture from IKEA, which came with a mass of rather cool packaging materials. Then purchased a hot glue gun and proceeded to build a couple of carparks for matchbox cars to reside in.
Abigail spotted a woodlouse taking a stroll around the conservatory today. We got a good look at it.
I need to add lighting to the garage so used Dialux Evo to evaulate a lighting layout: The result is that I find that I don’t want to afford to put enough light in there, I’ll have to live with a lead light and my battery power work lights for detail work.
Since writing this blog I think I have moved house a few times, this time we moved from Bracknell in Berkshire to Cattistock in Dorset. We have a larger house in a more idillic setting, and importantly a larger garage. There is a lot of work to be done to turn the garage into a decent space, fiorst off I need to get the ligths and sockets working, I am not sure where they’re fed from so haven’t been able to deduce why none of them work. Maybe I will just install all new and feed from the consumer unit in the studio next door.
Did a good amount of the welding on off the patch. Just need to weld test of the inside and the joints between two halves. It’ll look better once painted and in the dark under the truck.
Hacked a patch out some new 2 mm thick mild steel. Did it in the evening, the neighbours will not miss that aspect of me. Not too bad I didn’t think, the camera lense makes it look less concentric than it actually is. Having done all of the hacking and noisy stuff far away at the garage so as to not upset my direct neighbours or worse still wake the littlun, I retired to the garage for some fettling with the bastard file. I now think that I need to slit the exhaust where the patch will pass through the bracing braket.