Alan is putting the Land Rover in for MoT on Thursday at 4pm. I am pretty excited! This past two years and a bit is the second period of time that it has been off the road since I have owned it. So to have it back on the road will be great. Apparently it needs a new fuel sender unit, so that’s been done today by Alan. Fingers crossed everyone!
This weekend was spent in Cornwall working on getting the Land Rover closer to being road worthy and in MoT worthy condition. Great progress was made, thanks go to Alan and Dave! The red axle is a Land Rover light weight axle which I purchased from another friend. we swapped out the various parts that were better and re-build it on to mine.
Joel visited the Sudbury office last week and the week before I was in Mississauga with Drew staying at the Golder apartment. So we’ve not been up to a great deal out of the ordinary. I am still trying to fly helicopters as much as I can, I am learning about the programmable remote and settings etc, so I crashed the 120 heli yesterday, breaking a gear wheel that drives the tail rotor. This took a while to fix as I had to take apart much of the tail rotor assembly, having done this I found it hard to push the new gear onto the shaft, and in pushing, pushed the shaft through the gear which is mounted on the far end of the shaft, in the body of the helicopter. With no way to hold the shaft while pushing the new gear on I was forced to disassemble the bottom end of the main […]
Last week Hannah got some pictures of Tigger hiding out around our apartment: I think I forgot to mention that on our way back from Chutes we saw two transport trucks, with a tank on each and behind that a Land Rover each! This weekend has been cold with a high of -14 today I believe, though the sky is clear and blue, the sun is busy melting the snow. Ramsey Lake has very little snow left on it, the ice is showing through now. There are still ice fishing huts and people driving their trucks on the lake today, so we took a stroll out towards to island. Hannah was very concerned that we might fall through. If we had fallen through we have about one minuet to get out of the water before one is unable to move.. Luckily for us the ice is very thick, easily able to support a 2 tonne truck, and probably […]
Joel sent me this picture, thought I would like to share it. I love how the people are all smartly dressed and sitting on the crash barrier!  
Did you know that my 2.5L 4 cylinder Petrol  engine takes 6.85L of oil?! That’s lot isn’t it? Maybe I’ll just top it up this time..