Back when I built the new dash I resisted cutting this opening as it seemed nearly impossible to mark the position as I couldn’t get behind the dash without removing it, and I needed it in place to mark it. I tackled it and got it pretty spot on today. Hol llocation measured by guess work and some ruler work too. Can you spot the small hole in the dash? Next up is the passenger side, which I think is not going to be so simple, as there is even less tolerance for error.
I thought after doing the Chetnole ford that perhaps I should try to stop water that is in the wheel arch area from entering the engine bay. Specifically the openings that are very close to the air intake. So I set about making some panels to cover these areas. I am also thinking that may be I should be fitting a raised air intake..
Having gotten some water inside of my headlight the other day (Blog post I thought it best to get it out again. Removed the lamp and reflector assembly. Once emptied and cleaned the head light reflector bit got re-fitted. It’s better, it’s not perfect.
I finished installing the new windscreen washer to the Land Rover. Nice clean bottle with lid, new pump and also a new length of hose that is not filled with mud.
I went to my local auto breakers yard and picked up a windscreen washer pump, some door seal and a horn. All from a small Audi that had been in a front end collision it looked like. I paid a fiver for those bits. First I fitted the door seal as it was easiest. Then I did the horn as that was also pretty simply to pull out the old one and solder the new connector to the wires and refit. You’d barely know that it’s new to the vehicle. Then I started on the windscreen washer pump, which is not the same or even similar to the old one, it’s a different fitment to the bottle, different wiring. First job was to get the mud off and out of the washer bottle, which might well explain why the old pump packed it in. This bottle was off a mark […]
Went and drove a very short unclassified road in Chetnole on Sunday, the road way follows a small river for 60 meters or so. This was running about 0.8 m deep, which was more than i comfortable with, but decided to do it anyway. This is the only footage I have of us entering the water. I should have stopped before hand and gotten some decent pictures and such. Also for safety I should have checked the depth and so and so on. The river where we exited. Made it, without drowning us or the engine. That was properly exciting in my books.
It turns out that the garage suffers from ground water flooding. Water had run across the floor and a small puddle formed at the lower edge. The flooding else where around the area was reasonably extensive with most local water courses breaking their banks. So I went for a drive. And then I went on to find this flooded road.
The Land Rover has been pushing oil out of the rocker cover breather. I am not sure if it’s coming out around there the breather mounts into the rocker cover. In this joint there is a sealing arrangement which doesn’t not fit snuggly at all, in fact it lose. I’m surprised that the breather has remained on the truck all these years. I used a bit of hose and a breather thingy that I was given by the father-in-law to hopefully prevent oil from bring blown out so much and also made an aluminium insert that means that the whole main breather housing fits very tightly into the rocker cover. My only concerns about this are that it now means that the engine may not be able to get rid of oil so readily. This oil has been protecting the chassis quite nicely thus far.
That’s misleading. I set out tonight to remove the speedo cable from the Volvo to see where it is broken. Later on this evening, having not removed it, I realised that I think the cable has just dropped out of the back of the speedo. So tomorrow evening perhaps I will pull the dash off and see if putting it back fixes it. That’ll be a win if that’s the case. Back to this post, I noticed that the hinge on the left hand garage door on the Volvo side was coming away from the frame, so I had a hack at the wood but really just made a mess. So I found another bit of timber the right size and cut off that length of door frame. Found two concrete screws that would do the job and drilled some holes and ran some 3 inch long screws through the […]
The ‘leather’ has been giving up on the steering wheel in the land rover for quite some time now. So yesterday I took a knife to the stitching and removed it. Underneath is a fairly hard foam type material which will suffice for the time being. I rather like the thinner wheel. Maybe I’ll find a paint to cover and protect the wheel.