Soft top on

For Christmas I got a new good as the old one was falling apart.

Then went for a trip to the tip, as you do.

Door height

Land Rover is running nicely now, been for two short spins in it now. This time though I removed the top door jamb from the door frame to allow the land rover to pass out under it without the middle of the three soft top supports hitting it. I also let some pressure out of the tyres, they’ll all on 17 psi now. Thought I don’t think that made any decernable difference. The result; less of an interfearance.

Middle hood stick
Touching with only a little force
Same thing again
Rear hoop where the wheels have now dropped off the ramp and now there is a solid 2 clear inches.

The remaining question is, do I scable the floor down a bit, or do I do something with the timber over the door. I probably need about an inch.

Back together

Well, got it back together. Though I’m not 100% certain that the high low range selector is quite right. Now this could be caused by the stiff output in the gearbox. It’ll require some running and testing to be sure that there is an issue. Couple of pictures of the floor going in and in.

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Front prop

Put the front prop on last night, the hardest part of this job was getting the grease gun off the grease nipples, until i watched a video about the technique for doing this. All these years of struggling. Google it for yourself..

That’s least spectcular photo of a prop shaft ever.

Gearbox in

The gearbox is in now, clutch done, hand brake reassembled and attached to linkage, rear prop on, floor plate thrown in. I also changed the engine oil and filter and topped up the carb damper oil. Then cleared all of the junk off and took it out for a test run through the village, turn around, back through to the other end of the village and back home again with out a hitch. The gearbox feels tight, nice clicking through the gears. All seems good!

Thrilled to have it driving again, feels like it’s been so long (ten weeks? ages I know… jk jk). Just got the cosmetic bits to do now, front prop back on and a little more testing, then I’ll be happy to get out and about once more.

Gearbox going in

A friend suggested using ratch straps as lift, but by bit, the gearbox. So hoist it up, chock on wood, reset, hoist again and so on until a level is reached where it’s about right. This evening the gearbox is now resting on the cross member behind the engine and a load of bits of wood at the back. The next job is to get the clutch slave sorted before getting it hitched to the engine. Clutch thrust bearing etc where sorted yesterday.

Cylinder changed

Didn’t get any pictures of the job in progress. But here it is done and brakes bled.


Those splines that were cut with an angle grinder by the previous owner (awful) are still there and not in bad condition.

Gearbox out

The gearbox should have been simple to get out, and it was. But even with the 11 bolts out and the clutch slave off it was still not budging. I supported the engine on a block of wood from below and strapped it up from above and proceeded to bounce on the output shaft, after stamping on the housing it came free.

Next jobs are to take the bell housing and clutch thrust bits off and strip it down a little to see what’s up on the inside.

Transfer case out

The transfer case came out with a little effort and some scruffing. The smell was one of burnt oil and wasn’t pleasent. Though I think that this was coming from the gearbox and not the transfer case. I need to get the gearbox off next.

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