Some ttime ago I bought two cheap drill bits online.. Then I spent good money in Screwfix and got a decent one. Now I have done it again.. This is a genuine question at the time of writing, I have not yet used it. I like the look of the tip. I hope that the part which is a slightly different colour is something super hard…
Yesterday I left the Land rover out on the drive over night as I didn’t find the time and energy to put it away. It left it’s usual mark on the drive, but this time because it was raining over night it was that much more spectacular. Not only is this sad for the environment but also for my pocket, as that’s oil that is no longer doing it’s job that I purchased it to do. I often think that the most environmentally friendly options are the cheapest, and in this instance it is to not keep the land rover.. but I wont be getting rid of it, though I might be trying to track this leak down and fix it. Also, I have been trying to seal the house up better to insulate it and keep dry the building, so I ran a bead of silicone sealer into this […]
That’s misleading. I set out tonight to remove the speedo cable from the Volvo to see where it is broken. Later on this evening, having not removed it, I realised that I think the cable has just dropped out of the back of the speedo. So tomorrow evening perhaps I will pull the dash off and see if putting it back fixes it. That’ll be a win if that’s the case. Back to this post, I noticed that the hinge on the left hand garage door on the Volvo side was coming away from the frame, so I had a hack at the wood but really just made a mess. So I found another bit of timber the right size and cut off that length of door frame. Found two concrete screws that would do the job and drilled some holes and ran some 3 inch long screws through the […]
I put up all 5 of the signs and such that I’ve been given on the inside of the doors of the garage (land rover side only).
Land Rover is running nicely now, been for two short spins in it now. This time though I removed the top door jamb from the door frame to allow the land rover to pass out under it without the middle of the three soft top supports hitting it. I also let some pressure out of the tyres, they’ll all on 17 psi now. Thought I don’t think that made any decernable difference. The result; less of an interfearance. The remaining question is, do I scable the floor down a bit, or do I do something with the timber over the door. I probably need about an inch.