I went for a lunch time bike ride today up past Chilfrome. I would imagine that this is the green and pleasant they talk about… given that it’s winter here, this isn’t too bad I don’t think.
We took a long stroll on Powerstock common yesterday evening. It seemed much darker through my eyes, my phone was able to see far better than I was,
We visited Powerstock Common today for the first time. This is the location:
Went and drove a very short unclassified road in Chetnole on Sunday, the road way follows a small river for 60 meters or so. This was running about 0.8 m deep, which was more than i comfortable with, but decided to do it anyway. This is the only footage I have of us entering the water. I should have stopped before hand and gotten some decent pictures and such. Also for safety I should have checked the depth and so and so on. The river where we exited. Made it, without drowning us or the engine. That was properly exciting in my books.
It turns out that the garage suffers from ground water flooding. Water had run across the floor and a small puddle formed at the lower edge. The flooding else where around the area was reasonably extensive with most local water courses breaking their banks. So I went for a drive. And then I went on to find this flooded road.
Mounted it on the wall. Also removed the old rawl plugs from the taps as they were pulling out and replaced them with new ones and new screws such that the tag is no longer floating against the wall.
I was going to lose the hitch pin and the retaining pin through the hitch pin, so I have used what I hope is stainless steel picture hanging wire rope stuff to retain those two components. I don’t own any crimping tools, or wire rope crimps, so I cut some aluminium and just folded it over and crushed it flat. Seemed to do the trick.
I was getting fed up with the garden hose hanging on the tap, so I’ve made what would have been a very expensive bracket, had I paid for the solid copper bar.
Having tried to bleed the brakes and at least make them a little better, I thought I’d change the oil in the font axle. This was what came out: Water is getting into the axle somewhere. Oh well.
I knew already that our house was built on a builders yard, but I didn’t know that during the Great War the site “was used for Germans & people who needed shelter, the Hospital also housed the Army Dentist. The yard leading to the Hospital later became a builder’s yard” and it’s the builders yard link that gives the house it’s name. I didn’t quite get the images exactly right..