Today I thought that I would try to get some pictures of Tigger doing what he normally does, eating and chilling out on the floor, as I write this he is lying across Hannah’s lap, with his head on my knee and one of his crossed paws with claws in my jeans. Also I got a picture of the cat grass and Aloe Vera plant for prosperity sake.

GEDC4615 (1024x683).jpgGEDC4619 (1024x683).jpgGEDC4620 (1024x683).jpgGEDC4621 (1024x683).jpgGEDC4626 (1024x683).jpgGEDC4628 (1024x683).jpgGEDC4629 (1024x683).jpgGEDC4631 (1024x683).jpg

I am off now to take my helicopter apart to see if the motor brushes are ok.

It’s almost an hour later now:

I have checked the motor brushes, they’re both present and correct. Also got a couple more pictures of Tigger.

GEDC4632 (1024x683).jpgGEDC4634 (683x1024).jpgGEDC4638 (1024x685).jpg

The brushes are made of carbon, you can see one in the center of the picture, it’s the dark grey part which is running on the slip rings (the cylindrical part) the brushes are pressed into the copper, spring loaded arms. These don’t look bad in my opinion.




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