Today is a statutory holiday in Canada, this is what it is:
Canada Day is celebrated on July 1st across the country. July 1st marks the anniversary of the formation of the union of the British North America provinces in a federation under the name of Canada – that’s the technical explanation, but Canada Day also means fireworks and the year’s biggest national party. The Canada Day holiday is akin to the U.S. July 4th celebration but on a more Canadian scale.

We went to the Sudbury Arena today for their Canada celebrations, they had loads of different nationalities there to celebrate Canada with dance and food and stuff.

We moved some stuff into the apartment today, we borrowed a truck from Golder to pick up a couple of beds and a sofa last night, first we borrowed a GMC Sierra and then this weekend we have used a Ford F250 Super Duty truck. The Ford is bigger and better, but the suspension is very hard.

We are going to ‘Made In Canada’, a restaurant this evening, then we will return to 92 Hyland Drive and we’ll walk over to bell park..

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Here are the pictures:

Also, Happy Birthday Alan! You know they had the day off here in celebration!



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