Last week we mainly chilled, though we did go to Toonie Tuesday at the rainbow cinema and saw Dark Shadows, which was good. Canada day was on July 1st, as it is every year. Same day as Alan’s birthday! Hannah and I took the boat out on Saturday to Fairbanks park, which has a very large lake, is somewhere that we went last year a few times, but we never actually found the park itself. We rowed around a bit staying close, with in swimming range of the shore! We had also picked up two more oars, so that we could both row. We found that it worked best if I row and Hannah steers. We also went swimming and spent a few hours in the sun, it was about 30&#176C. On Sunday Hannah had to work, but because it was Canada day she was allowed to go on casual dress. In the morning Hannah made a cake, which we took to Bruce and Sharons where we went in the evening for dinner. We saw baby Blake and chatted with Katie utill Troy and Bruce turned up on only one sea do. Troy requested that I go with him, he ‘had a job for me’, I soon learned that they had been going through some weeds on the lake and had clogged the sea-do’s impellers, this had forced them to paddle some way through the weeds until Troy’s machine started to over heat and eventually began to sink! They got Bruce’s machine out onto the lake, turned it over and pulled all the weeds out, then that machine too began to sink, they raced back home and beached the sea-do on the beach next door to their place. Bruce, Troy, three guys from next door and I went in Bruce’s boat back to where Troy left the sea-do beached on a bank at the edge of the lake, it was the only bit which was not rock, he was very lucky to find that particular spot. We pulled the machine up onto the bank further and drained the water out of it, a lot of water came out. We wound up towing it back to the beach also as it wouldn’t start.
We had a lovely meal and Hannah’s cake, which was really great. Luckily we got to take much of it home again!! We have just had a cup cake one now!
Monday we had a slow start and in the afternoon we went to Chute park with the boat. this park is an hour and a bit drive away the far side of Espanola. We stopped in at a Trading post on the way. When we got there we did a bit of a trail ad looked at the various water falls, then we went for a swim, but didn’t bother with the boat. It is more of a river there than a lake, very pretty though. On the way home at about 8pm we got back to Sudbury and went down Long Lake road, which is south of Sudbury, we walked into the bush and managed to pick about 1.5ltrs of blueberries. As we drove out of the area down a gravel road we saw what we first though was a large dog, but turned out to be a bear. That’s the tenth bear we have seen.

Pictures are here.

Saturday it was cloudy to begin with, then the cloud began to simply blow away, the edge stayed straight, the whole mass appeared to move away from west to east, keeping its shape.. it was strange, the sky it left behind was clear and blue. This is a video I took



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