We visited Sudbury Ontario and Mississauga in October, partly for my work and partly for vacation. The flight out was a day time flight so we were in a good place to deal with the 21 month old who didn’t want to sit still for the whole duration of the flight. We arrived and stayed the Saturday night in Mississauga as we thought that it would be too much for Abigail to make the next 4 hour stint to Sudbury on the same day as a 7.5 hour flight. This was a great plan and a very pleasant break in the proceedings. The next day we made the car journey to Sudbury, which was well punctuated with stops where ever Abigail saw fit to made a fuss. We made Sudbury that evening having been in no rush and settled into our basement accommodation that would be our home for a week. We visiting places and people for the week, along with the new Golder office and some of my colleagues who were in that day. It was a great visit regardless of my spending the Monday in bed with some illness or other. We visited Onaping falls, Science North, Lake Ramsey, Killarney to name a few. We travelled back down to Mississauga for my working week on the Sunday. This week was less intense for me, but for more so for poor Hannah who had to entertain our littleun in a hotel room or take her our on her own around a city that we only vaguely know. They had a good time one day when they visited a museum in Kitchener. The remainder of that week was fairly uneventful. We visited the Niagara falls on the Saturday before we return on an over night flight to the UK. We will not be doing an over night flight again while Abigail is still a child! That wasn’t a pile of fun, she slept ok, but we did not, so Sunday was not fun for us.

Lake Ramsey outside of Science North
Colours are not enhanced in anyway. This is just how it was at Onaping falls.
Onaping falls
The old hospital painted up.
Killarney provincial park. This phone and none of others really do it justice. You’ll just have to go there.
The 69 into Sudbury
Niagara falls



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