This the executive summary version of our visit:

We left Sudbury in the rain on Friday 10th May morning at 7am, by the time the train got delayed for two hours on the way from Toronto. We really enjoyed the leisurely trip, stopping in at Winnipeg for a bus tour around the city and arriving in Edmonton at 7am on Sunday 12th morning. We spent the best part of the day at the West Edmonton Mall, where we watched the sea lion show and I fired a 9mm hand gun. We caught the Grey Hound (coach) to Calgary in the evening. We stayed at an apartment down town rented by my work for us, didn’t do too much, I worked, Hannah visited the Chinook Mall with an acquaintance and later on in the week the Zoo. Friday we left for Penticton BC, making it as far as Canmore before we got hungry and onto Golden for the night at a B&B. Saturday we traveled to D’dutchman Dairy’s for lunch and Ice cream, arrived at Judy’s (My distance relative) place at about 5pm. Sunday we went out to the Rodeo at Sicamous, which was really good. I bought a cowboy hat.. and wore it all day. On Monday we did a little drive through the vineyards and took a walk on one of the trails. We departed on Tuesday morning for Ainsworth Hot springs, via the NK’MIP spa for food and a look around. We arrive at the Motel in Ainsworth and took a dip in the pool. The day after we left Ainsworth via the ferry at Belfour, Kootenay. though we did have a really great breakfast bagel from the cafe at the dock. We reached Golden at about 7pm, but not before we had gotten a little lost because the GPS, unbeknownst to us, it was set to do the shortest route avoiding highways (Joel’s GPS so his fault), so we took our Mazda 3 rental car up a very muddy trail.. then turned back and found a more civilized route. The paragliding that I had planned didn’t come off due to the weather, so we visited the Emerald lake, the natural bridge, Lake Louise and then Banff, in the rain, then in the snow, we saw 1 deg that day (it was 27 in Sudbury the week before)!! We reached Calgary at about 7pm Mountain time. We went out and about in Calgary, we went to the Glenbow Museum and generally looked around.

Here are a small number (90) of pictures, in chronological order:

CalgaryandBC085.jpgCalgaryandBC086.jpgCalgaryandBC087.jpgCalgaryandBC088.jpgCalgaryandBC090.jpgCalgaryandBC089.jpgCalgaryandBC052.jpgGEDC5365 (1280x853).jpgGEDC5369 (1280x853).jpgGEDC5370 (1280x853).jpgGEDC5371 (1280x853).jpgGEDC5372 (1280x853).jpgGEDC5373 (1280x853).jpgCalgaryandBC053.jpgGEDC5377 (853x1280).jpgCalgaryandBC054.jpgCalgaryandBC055.jpgCalgaryandBC056.jpgCalgaryandBC057.jpgCalgaryandBC058.jpgCalgaryandBC059.jpgCalgaryandBC060.jpgCalgaryandBC061.jpgCalgaryandBC062.jpgCalgaryandBC063.jpgGEDC5416 (1280x853).jpgGEDC5436 (853x1280).jpgCalgaryandBC064.jpgGEDC5437 (1280x853).jpgGEDC5459 (1280x853).jpgCalgaryandBC065.jpgCalgaryandBC066.jpgCalgaryandBC067.jpgCalgaryandBC068.jpgCalgaryandBC069.jpgGEDC5468 (849x1280).jpgGEDC5478 (1280x853).jpgGEDC5479 (853x1280).jpgCalgaryandBC051.jpgCalgaryandBC002.jpgCalgaryandBC001.jpgCalgaryandBC003.jpgCalgaryandBC004.jpgCalgaryandBC005.jpgCalgaryandBC023.jpgCalgaryandBC024.jpgCalgaryandBC025.jpgCalgaryandBC026.jpgCalgaryandBC014.jpgCalgaryandBC015.jpgCalgaryandBC016.jpgCalgaryandBC017.jpgCalgaryandBC018.jpgCalgaryandBC019.jpgCalgaryandBC020.jpgCalgaryandBC021.jpgCalgaryandBC022.jpgCalgaryandBC029.jpgCalgaryandBC030.jpgCalgaryandBC031.jpgCalgaryandBC039.jpgCalgaryandBC013.jpgCalgaryandBC012.jpgCalgaryandBC040.jpgGEDC5566.JPGCalgaryandBC043.jpgCalgaryandBC044.jpgCalgaryandBC045.jpgCalgaryandBC046.jpgCalgaryandBC047.jpgCalgaryandBC048.jpgCalgaryandBC049.jpgCalgaryandBC050.jpgCalgaryandBC041.jpgCalgaryandBC042.jpgCalgaryandBC038.jpgCalgaryandBC027.jpgCalgaryandBC028.jpgCalgaryandBC032.jpgCalgaryandBC033.jpgCalgaryandBC034.jpgCalgaryandBC035.jpgCalgaryandBC036.jpgCalgaryandBC037.jpgCalgaryandBC006.jpgCalgaryandBC007.jpgCalgaryandBC008.jpgCalgaryandBC010.jpgCalgaryandBC009.jpgCalgaryandBC011.jpg



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