Hannah and I were out almost all of Saturday doing things, mainly though we went for Coffee with a lady Hannah used to teach IT too, we went to Tim’s in the morning. We went our separate ways around lunch time, Hannah went and played Porketta Bingo, where she had a great time and won some porketta!! It is played by purchasing three playing cars, i.e. a king of spades, a seven of clubs and a 2 of hearts. they are stuck to a piece of card, then the caller calls out the cards, once they have called all of your cards you shout out ‘Porketta’. You win 1lb of portketta which is very well cooked and seasoned pork. Mean while I had gone off to meet Brian to go and take aerial photos of the wild life centre. He has a microlight plane which he built. We flew out over lively, then he suggested that we fly 70 miles (Nautical miles obviously) north to where his brother in law and a friend were ice fishing, so we went and landed on a frozen lake, helped them build a fire, they were going to camp out over night while fishing in -17 and a gale for the fun of it, we took off again and headed for home. Then on Sunday we didn’t do much!

The plane

People out ice fishing, the lines in the snow are snow machine trails.

Flying above the forests of North Ontario.

This was taken on the home flight



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