Monday night Hannah and I went and saw Bryan Adams at the Sudbury Arena. We were pretty excited, the arena was fairly packed, though there were still a few seats empty towards the back of the level seating, i.e. not the tiered seats or ‘bleachers’ as they might be refereed to here. He didn’t have a support act or anything so he was on stage from a little after 8 until almost 11. The music was louder, the lights where brighter, it was pretty cool, I really enjoyed. Hannah thought it was a little too loud and bright for her delicate ears and eyes respectively. But still we both enjoyed it, it was worth it just to have seen him perform Summer of 69 live.

The video was deleted by Youtube because it infringes on Bryan Adam’s copyright. Oops. The pictures are here, I expect that they also infringe.. but I’ll wait for Google to delete them!! lol.



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