Bleeding brakes

It wasn’t as bad a job as the title makes out! I purchased a brake bleeding “kit” from my local motor part factors:

the black rubber end that I’m holding in the above picture is a one way valve, so by simply sticking this on the bleed nipple it becomes a one person job. And it seemed to work very well. My brake peddle isn’t as positive as it could be, but then it wasn’t that positive before this exercise, so I’ve giving myself and the little hose the benefit of the doubt.

I am also fitting new dash LED illumination lights, as the previous LED’s were pretty dim even in very low light levels, so there was no hope of reading the dash when a car was coming towards me. I designed the black 3D printed part in the photo above, a friend kindly printed it for me in ABS. It fitted both the LED and the back of the dash perfectly, more by luck then judgement. It went in with the ease that I would expect genuine Land Rover branded parts to fit. Amazed, I was.