My health has been sub-optimal for approximately a week, only a sore throat and a cold. Didn’t stop me, just annoying. So the blog failed to get updated. I enjoyed drinking milk..

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We visited Science North to see Ripley’s Believe it or Not show which is being hosted there. We saw some pretty amazing things and some gruesome things also. Afterwards we visited Science North, having been through the first floor including the butterfly room (which is now also home to some small birds) we began our accent of the ramp leading to the second floor where we were met by Quillen on his daily walk. On the second floor they were boiling maple syrup and then cooling it in snow and wrapping it onto popsicle (lollypop) sticks (second to last photo below).

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We went snow shoeing around the area that we picked blue berry’s last year, just to see what it was like when it is all under a couple of feet of snow. 

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Helicopter. I have found that there is no negative correlation between flying ability and the number of crashes one has. As I get better I simply push the envelope further, crashing just as regularly. Sure, the crashes are different, for different reasons, but still I crash. I have smashed the fuselage up a number of times now, it is cracked all over, I broke one of the skis a week or so ago while flying at work, and lastly I have now completely lost the stay that used to protect the tail rotor.

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Hannah and I celebrated eight years since we met the other day, we went for a meal at Curious Thymes, Hannah got these pictures from the table we ate at. The food was lovely, and very very prompt service. It was a fantastic evening.

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