We did a trip to Salisbury Plain in the Land Rovers partly for my up coming 40th year… I’m getting old at the same rate as always, just that this last year was only a 2.5% of my entire life. Hence it seemed to go past faster than the previous year which was 2.56%, when compared to my 20th year which was 5% of my entire life so far. The trip was great, we spent plenty of time on the green lanes or byways. Just need to clean the land rover now, as it’s very dusty and has got some mud in the arches. This was a series of photos taken as I climbed this little hill. quite fun. Fire starting like a professional. It was very very dry on the plain and so the dust was horrendous.
I’ve had this pad lock locked to the damper mount on the steering arm for many years, I call it my steering lock. It’s not been stolen so far, so I ‘d say it works.
I added the second loop: And lacquered them both to try to retain the shiny copper look.
I am not convinced that I made it much better, but I certainly changed the way the engine runs and picks up. I would be hard pressed to say it’s better, just different. I quite like it, I think. I think I’ll run with this for the time being. I drove out towards Evershot stopping in laybys to tweak the timing, then go again, stop again, more tweaking, go again. First it got worse, so I went back the other way, and it seemed to get better. Then I tinkered with the fuel mixture, made it too rich, so backed off again back to almost where I started at. Anyways, I went down a white road.. This will be fun in the winter when the water is running right over the bridge.
Mounted it on the wall. Also removed the old rawl plugs from the taps as they were pulling out and replaced them with new ones and new screws such that the tag is no longer floating against the wall.
So far it’s only one that is made and fitted, but I have bent up a second hoop and removed the two ex-roll cage holding bolts that will secure the loop. Yes, it is made from the remaining copper bar that I used for garden hose bracket. No, it isn’t really the best material for this purpose – but it was free and easy enough to bend with tools without applying heat. There are four potential locations for hold down loops like this, one in each corner of the rear tub, where the roll cage used to mount, so I’ll put these two on diametrically opposed corners. Then at some later date perhaps I’ll happen across some other bar stock of the right size and made two more. A bit of 3 x 25 mm stainless would be perfect.
I was going to lose the hitch pin and the retaining pin through the hitch pin, so I have used what I hope is stainless steel picture hanging wire rope stuff to retain those two components. I don’t own any crimping tools, or wire rope crimps, so I cut some aluminium and just folded it over and crushed it flat. Seemed to do the trick.
I was getting fed up with the garden hose hanging on the tap, so I’ve made what would have been a very expensive bracket, had I paid for the solid copper bar.
Having tried to bleed the brakes and at least make them a little better, I thought I’d change the oil in the font axle. This was what came out: Water is getting into the axle somewhere. Oh well.
So many times I am working inside of or under the land rover and finding that I do not have enough light. I installed 16 lights in the roof space of the garage and still it’s not reaching every place I have to work. I found a solution in some very old and rather dangerous light extension cords.