Some ttime ago I bought two cheap drill bits online.. Then I spent good money in Screwfix and got a decent one. Now I have done it again.. This is a genuine question at the time of writing, I have not yet used it. I like the look of the tip. I hope that the part which is a slightly different colour is something super hard…
Abigail complained on one of our trips out in the Land Rover that the door/window was leaking. It hadn’t done this before, but having replaced the window channel it has started to leak. So I had a tube of silicone sealant and filled in around all of the joints to stop the water from percolating through and coming out of this window stop latch thing. I actually removed it and put a good bead behind it and re-riveted it on again. Filled the external gaps.. I’ll be back here again if it continues to leak, but if not, you’ll likely not hear another thing about it.
I went for a lunch time bike ride today up past Chilfrome. I would imagine that this is the green and pleasant they talk about… given that it’s winter here, this isn’t too bad I don’t think.
We took a long stroll on Powerstock common yesterday evening. It seemed much darker through my eyes, my phone was able to see far better than I was,
I reversed into the garage the other day and got so close to the back wall that there was a crunch. The lamp that lights the registration got squished a little cracking the clear lens. When I checked its function, it was not lighting up. I took it apart and found that the connections inside of the fitting where very corroded and most parts where rusty. The Volt meter was reading just about 2 or 3 volts at the lamp position. So I decided to retro fit some LED’s and wire them directly back to the wiring avoiding this connection arrnagement. Found a couple of LEDs that would fit well. Then I realised that when I fitted my reversing light, I had only fitted once because I didn’t want to run an individual wire across under the tub. When I was in doing the wiring on the inside it was […]
I happened across the model of this toy that I did ages back and though I’d pull it into Vectary and put the 3D model here:
Didn’t start very quickly did it? Although it never does when it’s not been started for more than a couple of weeks. When it started, it was on less than all of the cylinders, this did improve once it had warmed up a little. This could be related to HT leads or similar. I have not looked at the rotor arm in ages. I think I’ll have look at the ignition system at some point in an effort to stop that from happening. I went out for a spin to the tip and then came a random route home partly due to crash on my route home. Here is a picture of the queue of traffic that I turned back from joining.
I had accidentally not put the steering wheel on dead straight when the wheels are pointed directly ahead, it was about one spline out, so I turned it the other day one spline. Typically I couldn’t tell which way it needed to go so since I thought I could remember I just did it that way. It was the wrong way, so last night I turned it back 2 splines.
As promised here is a video of the window sliding. I got this stuff for Christmas, a gift from my wife. This is where it comes from:
I finished installing the new plastic window runner stuff. Wound up using white sticks like sh*t stuff as apparently Screwfix doesn’t sell black stuff and I couldn’t be bothered to look further. I will do a video of the window running, as the windows had become very hard to move back and forth, unfortunately I didn’t get a video of the before opening of the windows.