Well Brendan has had a hectic week at work this week, and Hannah and Jessica haven’t been taking too slow either. Last weekend we went to Kilarny provincial park on Saturady, were we had fish and chips!! They were good, I was very suprised. I can honestly say that they were the best fresh water fish and chips I have ever had. Kilarny is very pretty, its small village with a poplation of approximatly 450. When the sun shines I bet it more than doubles. We went swimming in a local lake with a ‘beach’, but it was such a hot humid day that we didn’t do much else. Its about a 2 hour drive to get there so when we got home we just flaked. So up early again on Sunday, 9 ish I think. We travelled to Manitoulin Island which is about a 2 and a half hour drive. Today the weather was more over cast, though still planty warm enough with the humidity. We stopped off at a touris information and the girl in there was ever so helpfull. We were most impressed. We then went to a small inland town where the round chruch is, which was destroyed when a gas leak caused an explosion, see the picture of the bell and the notice board when newspaper cuttings. We then went on to Bridal Vail falls, which this time where only trickling as they normall do. We walked down to the town on the coast and had an ice cream and walked back after talking a strol around. We then drove to to the south of the island to place called Providence Bay, where the beach front onto lake Huron, the beach is really nice for a canadian lake beach. We travelled back via a place where there were a number of old tractors outside.
This week we went for a boat trip around Ramsy lake with Joel and on tuesday evening for a meal at Respect is Burning, a nice place in down town, and then for a couple of beers to the Laughing Budda, and wednesday night we went and played pool with Kobus (South African colleague) and Joel.

So here are the pictures:

And I have started to model local buildings for Google Earth, here is my second Sudbury building:



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