I have a need to be able to close off the air that is coming into the cabin via the openings that I created so that it is forced all of the way through the ducts to the windscreen for demisting. The method achieving for this has been puzzling me for a long time. I have some options for closing off the opening:

  • Hinged Door or flap
  • Hinged butterfly arrangement
  • Rotating disc with an opening in it with the pivot away form the edge of the opening
  • Sliding cover plate with slide rails down each side

Then I had some more thoughts that apply to all of these options:

  • Does this shutter go on the inside of outside surface
  • Does the arrangement fit inside or outside of the opening
  • How is the shutter operated (manual or mechanically)
  • What materials to use

I thought I had decided on a slider that would be on the external surface, so fully visible but pretty easy to make and install. I was thinking that to make a plate slide I would need some kind runner down each edge, like this:

Then I happened to speak with Alan on the phone and I described to him what I was thinking about, he came up with a fast better suggestion.

So then I got on with it:

And the working thing, it’s a touch stiff, but I think it’ll become easier running with some use.



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