Abigail complained on one of our trips out in the Land Rover that the door/window was leaking. It hadn’t done this before, but having replaced the window channel it has started to leak. So I had a tube of silicone sealant and filled in around all of the joints to stop the water from percolating through and coming out of this window stop latch thing. I actually removed it and put a good bead behind it and re-riveted it on again. Filled the external gaps.. I’ll be back here again if it continues to leak, but if not, you’ll likely not hear another thing about it.
I went for a lunch time bike ride today up past Chilfrome. I would imagine that this is the green and pleasant they talk about… given that it’s winter here, this isn’t too bad I don’t think.
We took a long stroll on Powerstock common yesterday evening. It seemed much darker through my eyes, my phone was able to see far better than I was,