That drill bit I bought (wrote about it here:, for a mere £3, well, it wasn’t worth that much. This is the second time I have made this mistake. I shall try not to make this mistake again. Perhaps cutting tools should always be purchased from reputable suppliers and good money will buy something that will function well. This drill bit was simply not sharp right from the get go, it wasn’t even like it went blunt fast, it just didn’t, and doesn’t cut aluminium. Also the solderless glue stuff that I got hasn’t worked to stick the bit onto the rear windscreen. I have resolved to taping it to the window with some of the glue stuff as an electrical contact. I have yet to see if this will work. perhaps it’ll work. Otherwise I am not sure how I will fix this. This was not stuck well, […]
The rear screen heater had failed to function. I wasn’t sure why until I opened the boot lid to find out how the bumper unbolted and spotted that the connector to the heating grid had come away from the heating pattern on the window. So I not really knowing how to re-attach it I bought some electrical glue stuff on ebay. It turned up in the form of some silvery paste in a hypodermic syringe arrangement. Lethal I am sure. Here are the instructions that are on the back of the packet exactly word for misspelled/incorrect word: Usage method:One: Workshop production line, combined with the actual situation, the conductive silver paint can be printed directly on the circuit board, can be used 100-140 °C below the barbecue 30 minutes to complete the curing, suitable for LED lamps and low-temperature paster components circuit board production and development.Two: Repair button/keyboard/circuit board/and personal […]
The temperature in the garage last night was about 3° at 8.45 pm. The copper slip grease was pretty hard and reasonably unpleasant to apply with ones fingers. I’m not really sure why I applied it, I do not serious expect to be taking the bumper off again in the life of the car. But, then again, who knows what the futures holds. Not me clearly. All bolted up, but I had to leave the brackets loose to see how fitted, the holes are slotted and so the bracket can be adjusted left and right to sit the bumper centrally on the car. So this was one of those, do it twice jobs, fit, check, take off, tighten brackets, refit and see how it goes. A bit of back to black applied to the bumper to turn it from it’s usual grey to a shinier black for the photo. Shame […]
I painted the steel parts from the bumper last night. Let them dry over night and then fit them the day after, though the over night temperature was probably not really above zero the paint did set hard enough to be handled with care.
I think that quite a number of years ago I reversed into something or clipped something hard enough to bust a small plastic clip that retains the forward coming part of the rear bumper. I found the motivation to set about fixing this the other night. First off I got the bumper off, which I didn’t know how to do, so that was a minor challenge. Bumper gone and plastic clips removed. I removed both so that I could make my new part match the other non broken one. 3 mm thick aluminium cut to fit inside of the broken bracket and shaped to match the bit that’s missing. The new bit made up and shaped etc vs the non broken one. Bracket in place on the car. Having got the bumper off I plan on painting the brackets etc that site behind the plastic part before refitting them.
Some ttime ago I bought two cheap drill bits online.. Then I spent good money in Screwfix and got a decent one. Now I have done it again.. This is a genuine question at the time of writing, I have not yet used it. I like the look of the tip. I hope that the part which is a slightly different colour is something super hard…
Abigail complained on one of our trips out in the Land Rover that the door/window was leaking. It hadn’t done this before, but having replaced the window channel it has started to leak. So I had a tube of silicone sealant and filled in around all of the joints to stop the water from percolating through and coming out of this window stop latch thing. I actually removed it and put a good bead behind it and re-riveted it on again. Filled the external gaps.. I’ll be back here again if it continues to leak, but if not, you’ll likely not hear another thing about it.
I went for a lunch time bike ride today up past Chilfrome. I would imagine that this is the green and pleasant they talk about… given that it’s winter here, this isn’t too bad I don’t think.
We took a long stroll on Powerstock common yesterday evening. It seemed much darker through my eyes, my phone was able to see far better than I was,
I reversed into the garage the other day and got so close to the back wall that there was a crunch. The lamp that lights the registration got squished a little cracking the clear lens. When I checked its function, it was not lighting up. I took it apart and found that the connections inside of the fitting where very corroded and most parts where rusty. The Volt meter was reading just about 2 or 3 volts at the lamp position. So I decided to retro fit some LED’s and wire them directly back to the wiring avoiding this connection arrnagement. Found a couple of LEDs that would fit well. Then I realised that when I fitted my reversing light, I had only fitted once because I didn’t want to run an individual wire across under the tub. When I was in doing the wiring on the inside it was […]