I found a way to embed 3d models into this web page: I do not believe that the above will work in all browsers or devices, desktops with mainstream browsers will be your best bet if you’re having issues.
Yesterday I left the Land rover out on the drive over night as I didn’t find the time and energy to put it away. It left it’s usual mark on the drive, but this time because it was raining over night it was that much more spectacular. Not only is this sad for the environment but also for my pocket, as that’s oil that is no longer doing it’s job that I purchased it to do. I often think that the most environmentally friendly options are the cheapest, and in this instance it is to not keep the land rover.. but I wont be getting rid of it, though I might be trying to track this leak down and fix it. Also, I have been trying to seal the house up better to insulate it and keep dry the building, so I ran a bead of silicone sealer into this […]