Got the jack clamping arrangement sorted today. Basically just drilled a hole in the spare wheel carrier bit and put a riv-nut into it for an M10 bolt and bolted on the clamping part I made last week, job done, it really seems to hold it tight. Of cause I’ll have to put that to the test at some point. The draw back to this arrangement is now I need to carry a 14 mm spanner to release the bolt at the bottom each time. I have not fixed the wooden bits in place either, I am hoping that they’ll remain where they are just by friction or magic. A bit of car door seal on the clamp part should make it grip well and also make it salient by comparison with the noise that the land rover generates.
The land rover wouldn’t start on Saturday. I initially blamed the battery as it was no turning over very fast. But having purchased a battery charger and made certain that the battery was fully charged and produced an open circuit voltage of 15 volts. Still I had no luck with it starting, if anything it was worse. I removed, tested with a battery on the bench, seemed to go, if a little weak, refitted. Nothing. Did the same again. Same result. Found a new one on Ebay, bought it on Monday, got it today (Tuesday), fitted it. Cranks over really well now. This is it fitted looking shiny but probably not for long.. The most annoying aspect of this episode is that I only changed the starter motor back in February 2019, I did a blog post about it then: I seriously hope this one lasts longer. I might […]