It turns out that the garage suffers from ground water flooding. Water had run across the floor and a small puddle formed at the lower edge. The flooding else where around the area was reasonably extensive with most local water courses breaking their banks. So I went for a drive. And then I went on to find this flooded road.
The Land Rover has been pushing oil out of the rocker cover breather. I am not sure if it’s coming out around there the breather mounts into the rocker cover. In this joint there is a sealing arrangement which doesn’t not fit snuggly at all, in fact it lose. I’m surprised that the breather has remained on the truck all these years. I used a bit of hose and a breather thingy that I was given by the father-in-law to hopefully prevent oil from bring blown out so much and also made an aluminium insert that means that the whole main breather housing fits very tightly into the rocker cover. My only concerns about this are that it now means that the engine may not be able to get rid of oil so readily. This oil has been protecting the chassis quite nicely thus far.
We need shelving in our loft space, so I have set about putting in some extra beams and some OSB board as a 3′ wide shelf that will run the length of the house, eventually on both sides of the walkable area in the middle of the loft. And here is a slightly odd looking panoramic photo to show the whole end of the loft space. 16 feet of shelf laid in, just need to screw it down.
I pulled the dash out of the Volvo, sure enough the cable was not in it, so put it back. A couple of days later I drove the car and it is working. That’s the power of not being able to change my thoughts and explore other possibilities. Although I guess I was able to in the end. Now about 4 years ago I 3D printed a new part which fixes the cable into the dash, the old one had broken, but I never fitted it because this did happen for 4 years. So now I came to try it.. Two issues with this part, although I copied the original and beefed it up a little, I failed to recognise that it has to assembled onto the cable when it’s made, and secondly when it printed it came out slightly on the small side, I had this same issue with […]