A friend suggested using ratch straps as lift, but by bit, the gearbox. So hoist it up, chock on wood, reset, hoist again and so on until a level is reached where it’s about right. This evening the gearbox is now resting on the cross member behind the engine and a load of bits of wood at the back. The next job is to get the clutch slave sorted before getting it hitched to the engine. Clutch thrust bearing etc where sorted yesterday.
Didn’t get any pictures of the job in progress. But here it is done and brakes bled.
I noticed the other day, that the inside wall of the front off side tyre was looking wet. This means icky one thing, leaking wheel cylinder. So off came the wheel today Got the wheel and drum off to find this mess. Got the pads off and proceeded to scrap the muck off everything.. Is it really any wonder that I have leaking cylinder? All that same out of the brake back plate and the shoes.
I have half of my 16 lights up in the garage and I have them powered and switched. Just need to install and connect the rest now.
The boot lid release button on the citroen C4 failed a few weeks back. So I eventually got it out and got a price for a new one. We’ll is have been happy to pay ten quid, is have stretched to twenty. But when I was quoted fifty quid… Well, I just found a little push button switch and lashed it up. Perfect and works beautifully.