Bought some furniture from IKEA, which came with a mass of rather cool packaging materials. Then purchased a hot glue gun and proceeded to build a couple of carparks for matchbox cars to reside in.
We took a walk this evening down the stream to Maiden Newton.
Those splines that were cut with an angle grinder by the previous owner (awful) are still there and not in bad condition.
The gearbox should have been simple to get out, and it was. But even with the 11 bolts out and the clutch slave off it was still not budging. I supported the engine on a block of wood from below and strapped it up from above and proceeded to bounce on the output shaft, after stamping on the housing it came free. Next jobs are to take the bell housing and clutch thrust bits off and strip it down a little to see what’s up on the inside.
The transfer case came out with a little effort and some scruffing. The smell was one of burnt oil and wasn’t pleasent. Though I think that this was coming from the gearbox and not the transfer case. I need to get the gearbox off next.
Being a bit of a cheapskate tight fisted.. well anyways, I chose to spend less than hundres of pounds on the lighting of the garage. So I thought about it briefly and opted to just buy 16 pendent fixtures and 800 Lumin LED lamps. This is NOT going to give 300 lux at floor level, it’ll give at most 100. ISOH suggest having between 100 and 200… so I’m low.. but I have work lights that I guess I’ll have to reply on and maybe a wired wander lamp…
Abigail spotted a woodlouse taking a stroll around the conservatory today. We got a good look at it.
Kicked off the gearbox change by jacking up the drivers side and putting axle stands under the axles. I have undone the prop from the hand brake.. Disappointingly though I shall have to undo the other end of that prop as the extension on the prop isn’t enough to come of the captive bolts..
I need to add lighting to the garage so used Dialux Evo to evaulate a lighting layout: The result is that I find that I don’t want to afford to put enough light in there, I’ll have to live with a lead light and my battery power work lights for detail work.