Found some stainless nuts, couldn’t find any stainless bolts or washers, so they’re just zinc plated. But I did put copper slip on the copper nuts and stainless bolts on the exhaust pipe flange. Half a good job. Next job might be remainder of the exhaust, and then a new backbox, because by time I get around the having completed the rest of it the backbox will have totally rusted away.
They say a grinder and paint are a welders best friend. Well I’m no welder, so I didn’t bother with the grinder. High temperature aluminium paint.. I know the rust is bad, but the paint make it look shiny.
Wire brushed and a little wire wool too.. That’s what I mean by cleaned. Ready for VHT aluminium paint application tomorrow when it’s warmer, apparently the paint should be applied at between 15 and 25°C, tomorrow is going to be 12°C and that’s going to be good enough.
Did a good amount of the welding on off the patch. Just need to weld test of the inside and the joints between two halves. It’ll look better once painted and in the dark under the truck.
Hacked a patch out some new 2 mm thick mild steel. Did it in the evening, the neighbours will not miss that aspect of me. Not too bad I didn’t think, the camera lense makes it look less concentric than it actually is. Having done all of the hacking and noisy stuff far away at the garage so as to not upset my direct neighbours or worse still wake the littlun, I retired to the garage for some fettling with the bastard file. I now think that I need to slit the exhaust where the patch will pass through the bracing braket.
Got a blowing back box, guessing that the heat affected zone is where it has rusted, or perhaps the welding wire was not stainless. Nice exhaust otherwise. Only the welds are showing signs of rust.
Well, it turns out that the switch is not right, I tried and tried and finally noticed that it’s just not right, it fits, but at the wrong angle. I hope this one is right…
The land rover has had no wiring to the kays for a number of years, just an odd sequence of switches. I found and fixed the ignition switch today, not sure why it wasn’t working, but it wasn’t making all of the right positions and so not making connections. I took it apart and put it back together none the wiser, but it’s working now. I then deduced how I will wire it: I’m not sure why it failed last time it was fitted..
For Christmas, Abigail and I got these: How cool are they?!
Black, black is the colour I painted them. Gave them an undercoat of red oxide and a single top coat of the black Flag paint. That wont rust from the outside anyway..