I have set about learning blender. This is because a few people have mentioned it to me. Thought it would be fun. It is, I am following tutorials on YouTube by Blender Guru. So I have done part 1 and modelled and rendered a doughnut..
I made something of a hole in the chassis leg when welding the loops on, so I got some 2 mm thick plate and set about patching it this weekend just gone. Welding went well on the top surface where it’s easy to weld. It went less well on the side where it’s awkward to angle the rod correctly.
Guessing that it lives under the step outside the back door, that it’s prey lives under there. Maybe it’s prey used to live there and now it lives there. Who knows?
Well, we as a family have been busy trying to turn our lives up side down, but choosing to try to move house during these times. So I have done very little that is note worthy here. Mostly not been tinkering with the Land Rover. I did fit a new ball joint to the Volvo, but failed to get any pictures, so that event passed the blog by. I did a little bit of digital art work over the course of a few days: