After thinking long and hard for at least 10 minutes I reached the conclusion that the adjustment on the diff wasn’t right, and that all of the grit inside of it needed to come out. So I pulled it apart…, Is the red burned oil? Same red where the bearing came off.. Perhaps the bearing was running on the shaft. Another reason for my thinking the bearing is running on the shaft is that the shims are razor sharp, as if they’ve been surface ground. And now I can’t find the blasted seal for this end, I had it, I thought it was in the garage, but I don’t see it there any where. Looked high and low in the shed. I’ll look again tonight.
I thought I’d adjust the back lash on my old differential to see how hard it might be to do. It’s easy to make adjustments it seems. Perhaps the skill and art is making the right amount of adjustment and then also having a torque wrench to make sure the pillow block bolt is tight enough. I just did them up to roughly 1 Brendan tightnosity, which might be too slack.
I went to a TV4x4 event, while I was there was having fun, so I was able to select 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th, but firth and reverse were too hard against the springs with only 2″ of stick remaining. So I drove home with this bodge: