I found i needed to close up the gap between the chassis leg and the bar, as there was a patch that sits proud of the chassis forward of this part. Yesterday I welded the first 40 mm or so in place on both sides then put the blow torch on it and bent it a little to close up the gap that can be seen in the picture.
I bought 2 meters of Ø16 mm mild steel round bar, cut it into 4 fairly equal lengths to be bent up into 4 hoops that can be welded to the Land Rover to make up recovery eyes. I’m not finished, but I’m getting there. Used the old blow torch to heat them up and bend them by hand, be careful to hold the cold end… Drilled a couple of Ø16 mm holes in the bit of angle that joined the chassis legs. Had to file the weld on the left a little to let the loop pass through. I have only welded the tops of one side and so still have the bottoms to do of this side and a little infill in places. That was a root weld and another in on top for good measure.