Finished the grill thing, not in the form intended, I found that I happened to have a spare body/flange part, so I cut up one of the bad 3D prints that didn’t work out and just kept the ‘writing flat base part’ and glued it into the flange bit. A lick of paint and some lacquer to really make it stand out from the rest of the Land Rover: I hope this causes someones to chuckle when it’s fitted.
I have never liked the gear stick with the rubber vibration damper that comes on the LT77 gear box. It looks okay if you have a rubber boot over it, but I wanted mine to be more like the series gear stick. I am not sure that it isn’t too long, I haven’t driven it yet, so I might wind up cutting 3 inches off the last straight section.
Okay cabin air a little posh, I’m on about the air intake for the hot/cold air into the land rover for the comfort of the passengers etc. This intake is the side of the wing, and it’s the same wing I dented a number of weeks back and also broke this plastic part. I contemplated just ignoring it and living with it broken, but then I fixed the 3D printer. Then I modelled this, but minus the text as per the below pictures. I had a conversation with my dad and he suggested I didn’t need to duplicate what was there originally, so I hit on this: I set it printed last night, but it didn’t come out well, so here goes again: