Still in fair working order and not going into retirement just yet. I’ve been using this for more than a year now, I was given to me by my wife’s grand father who at 90 something no longer has much need of such tools. I cleaned it up and set it to work, without paying any attention to what was written on it. Then at the weekend I stopped to read it… wow! 1943 war production adjustable spanner.
Went for a walk on Sunday and saw some fire ants, I don’t think I’ve seen them in this part of the world before. This is possibly down to a lack of looking. This morning there was a bee in the living room on the window, seemed lethargic so we gave it some honey to help it on it’s way. I’ve been trying to identify the spiders, that we seem to have so many of, that spend their time in the sun on the warm concrete paving or walls outside. All of the photos were taken on my new Hauwei Mate P20 Pro phone, I’m pretty pleased with the camera on this phone.
I decided that I had seen areas of the chassis where the Waxoyl was either decidedly thin or the rust was showing through, so yesterday I thought I’d a wire brush and the Waxoyl to it. I left the tin in the sun yesterday so that it was good and runny to paint on. A half good job done, now I could do with taking a second look and doing some more.
I have had no speedo for some time now, Hannah got me a cable for Christmas which I fitted some weeks or more ago. It didn’t work. I imagined that the cable was not into the gearbox properly. So today I took it out of at the gearbox end, only to find that it seemed to be right. So check I pulled it out of the speedo end so that I could see the cable end and drove a little, sure enough the cable was turning. So after some trying to get the speedo end to mate properly with the speedo a small piece of the old cable fell out of the speedo… It works perfectly now, well, as perfectly as a 66% speed speedo can. The next job for the speedo is to work out how to capture the speed and increase it by 1.4x..
Finally sealed the passenger side windscreen pane.