My new phone has a wide angle lens on it, which is fun:
This small opening was there because I wasn’t sure whether I would build up a bit here to mount additional switched into or not: But not needing any more switches I decided to run with: And this is how it turned out: I had to take the door off to drill the holes for the self tappers. This seemed a touch extreme, but I think was the best option. The other options were trying to drive the self tappers into the plastic without pilot holes using a stubby screw driver. This was going to be really hard work.
Saw my first ladybird of the year today. Using my new phone I took a picture of it:
A drop of water our carpet, I think the carpet is polypropylene, certainly not wool anyway.
Today I fixed the issue that I caused yesterday. I rotated the different end half on the splints almost 90°, no wonder there was some vibration.
I stripped down the hand brake assembly and just made everything run again. Took the prop spins apart and greased it all, put it all back together. refitted it all. Great. Then while I had the help of a friend, I did the valve clearances. While all of that was going on I had to remove the cover over the fuel tank, and found this growing: I scrapped all of the mud and plant off. Wax-oiled the chassis in that area and generally made it inhospitable to plant life. We took the land rover for a quick spin and noticed a vibration, couldn’t think what we might have done to cause this. Tonight it came to me that I had not paid any attention to what orientation I put the uj’s on the prop back together.. So that’s tomorrow’s job.
I found that my handbrake wasn’t much good on Tuesday, so I took a look and think I might have found the cause. I think I’ll put it down to mud ingress. Now begins the clean up.