Rear wing repair

Today I put a nearly invisible patch on the rear wing where it had gotten folded over and torn the return bit, thus making it rather flappy and non rigid.

I might go into accident repair..
Job done, you’d never know eh?

Might get the paint out at some point.

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Panel beating

I beat my wing out of shame on something, not sure what, but it certainly altered the shape somewhat. I spent a few minutes with a blow torch and a hammer and altered it again today.

I did plan on doing a better job.
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Oxley’s Shaw

I went to the TV4x4 event at Oxley’s Shaw today. Had a great time, got rather muddy and got stuck twice.

Not challenging but quite fun log bridge
Initially I had struggled to get out of these ruts, then suddenly when the camera was on I just did it with ease.
Bit of carnage to the wing..

Temperature Sensor

I purchased a temperature sensor that connects to the Arduino quite some time ago. I finally got it working by finding the library and the discovery that it’s actually a digital output. I purchased a DS18B20, which is a three wire digital type job. The wires are 5v, 0v and the signal wire.

It’s the little almost shiny thing top right corner of the radiator is the DS18B20
Almost 9ÂșC while i was doing this.
Land Rover, Arduino and laptop…

It seems to work, I also have a switch to over ride turning the fan on. I felt this was prudent in case I had set the ‘on’ temperature too high.

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