Re-sealed windscreen

Driving home from the event last weekend I had water running down the inside of the windscreen. I deduced that it was coming in around the glass, and from this deduction I realised that the Dumdum sealer that I had used to fit the glass some ten years ago was starting to fail. Not wanting to remove the whole windscreen I dug out the crusty sealer from the outside edge of the windscreen. I found that I still had a tin of ten year old Dumdum in the shed that was in perfect condition inside the tin, so I now have (hopefully) a leak free windscreen.

The passenger side still looking rough
The drivers side re-sealed.

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Smashed tail light

I went to a Thames Valley 4×4 event on Sunday last, I had great fun, totally failed to get any photos there. I did reverse into a tree which smashed the plastic light lens on the drivers side tail light and bent the metal cage over it.

So now it has a new Riv-nut fixing at the bottom of the cage, but it still has the old rusty steel screws holding the body of the light into the land rover, these were very hard to remove even with copious amounts of WD40. I need to find some stainless self tappers of that size. I did happen to have another light lens in the store.

Stainless bolt at the bottom.. nice.

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Dash covered

‘Realtree’ (Chieseium knock off) camo effect vinyl wrap.

They don’t match up, but I don’t mind that much.

Repaired chipped phone screen

The break before. A proper hole that was irritating to run my finger over.
Used Rainx’s windscreen chip repair kit. Curing in the sun..
Pealing off the curing strips
The resulting mess
Scraping off the excess resin
The result, now it needs to be polished somehow I think. Much better than it was for sure. The result is a smooth almost so smooth that I can no longer feel the damage. The crack is still visible but much reduced.

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Filled Dash corner

Got some chemical metal stuff to fill the badly made corners of the bends on this part:

Chemical metal mixed
Applied without too much care, after all, even having sanded this I will be covering it. It’s mostly to stop the wrap from ripping at the openings.
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Vinyl wrap

I wanted to do something fun with the dash which was just bare aluminium colour as I had not coated it anything. So I purchased a sheet of ‘Realtree’ (Cheap knock off there of) type vinyl wrap stuff.

The drivers side bit with the start button covered.. badly.
Another shot in different lighting, start button is less obvious.
The back/inside….

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Busting a padlock

I had snapped this padlock onto the rear loop for no reason. I do not have a key for it, so it was a pointless item. Today was the end of it. No good reason, just a little wanton destruction.

Raised axle breathers

Rear axle breather comes up next to the driver seat.
Rear axle

I have done the front axle also, but didn’t get any pictures of that.

New Alternator

I have been suspecting that my alternator was on it’s way out for some time now. I’ve been seeing the charge light coming on a lot, my lovely wife got me a new alternator for Christmas. I also changed the oil while I was there.

Old alternator
New and Old, pretty similar
Not entirely identical, but it’ll work.
From underneath
From above
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