Air duct adaptor

Today I printed out an updated design of the air duct adaptor that I have for the drivers side of the land rover.

Printing… see the edges of raft lifting though.
The lift didn’t affect the large part, but ruined the smaller part.
Re-printed this bit..
The parts held together by me. I need to buy some abs solvent glue.

The completed part needs fitting to the dash of the land rover somehow in a manner that allows for the removal of the lower dash but yet allows for the air to blow were it needs to.

Silver Birch logs

I requested that the tree surgeons leave the decent sized logs for a fella who lives near by as he has a wood burner. So today we moved them to his place in the land rover, it was a good excuse for me to drive on the foot paths.

The pile of logs last night
The second load.. The dash is still as it was in the post about the wipers..

I got to drive down some footpaths:

My Note8 phone is ace for this kinda silliness… gif’s and all that is.

Silver birch gone

A tree that was over the back of the fence got condemned on Monday and today they came and cut it down.. That was my favourite of the three trees, first the middle one fell over and now this one is gone.

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Intermittent wipers

It’s been a long time in the coming, this was the whole point of doing the Arduino really. I finally cracked the code after many attempts.

Uploading the new code to the Arduino
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