I decided that since I have a spare wheel, I should probably carry it. Due to my using Weller 8 spoke type rims the nice fittings that Land Rover supply for the standard 600 R15 rims don’t work. So found some aluminium that I had laying about and put a 90º bend in it. Having ruined that piece of bar I thought I should finish off folding it. Having measured the wheel in place on the bonnet to find the positions of the remaining bends in the bar, I bent it without checking the hole locations or even considering how it was going to bolt down to the existing holes. Turns out it wouldn’t, the holes are too far apart and the heads of the bolts would interfere with the up rights. So now I have wound up with the other thicker bit of aluminium bolted onto to the folded […]
It wasn’t as bad a job as the title makes out! I purchased a brake bleeding “kit” from my local motor part factors: the black rubber end that I’m holding in the above picture is a one way valve, so by simply sticking this on the bleed nipple it becomes a one person job. And it seemed to work very well. My brake peddle isn’t as positive as it could be, but then it wasn’t that positive before this exercise, so I’ve giving myself and the little hose the benefit of the doubt. I am also fitting new dash LED illumination lights, as the previous LED’s were pretty dim even in very low light levels, so there was no hope of reading the dash when a car was coming towards me. I designed the black 3D printed part in the photo above, a friend kindly printed it for me in […]
I managed to do the following in about 50 minutes; move Volvo from in front of the garage move Land Rover out of Garage jack the land rover up and put on axle stand remove wheel disassemble brake drum etc remove cylinder loose some brake fluid on floor find grease and rags fit new cylinder brake drum etc back on wheel back on move Land rover back in garage without pressing brake peddle move Volvo back in front of garage Job done! Well not quite, don’t have any Dot 4 so can’t bleed the brakes yet.