Was thinking about buying a tyre pump for the car/land rover. This is because Sainsbury’s have started to charge at the tyre pump. Then I was thinking that those pumps they sell for car tyres are particularly rubbish and probably very very slow. It occurred to me that I could use a 240V pump to pressurise a cylinder to a high pressure then use this to inflate tyres. So speaking with a friend who does scuba diving, there are cylinders available that are 3 litres and will carry that pressure. 
Thought I’d have a go at soldering the headers onto a small knock off Arduino Uno board.
I now suspect that the adjustment might be out. Though the pattern of the LED is far wider than the halogen as you can see. I am not sure that this can be adjusted away.
We had a tree come down on Sunday night, one of three that used to stand on council property to the back of our house. Luckily it was the middle of the three that had been bend over by the other two away from our garden, so it fell onto pubic land. The council kindly logged it, and i was able to help deliver it to a fella who lives in front of us.
I have designed and had printed the body for my speedo drive: We visiting Longleat where we met this fella;