Consumer Unit, air filter..

We have finally had a new consumer unit fitted, which means that the shed how has lights that work on the switch and will soon have power sockets too. Also I have made myself a replacement air filter for the Land Rover and got a bit of flexible duct to replace the heater air duct.

IMG_20180718_132750.jpg IMG_20180718_132741.jpg IMG_20180717_202920.jpg IMG_20180717_202133.jpg IMG_20180716_155739.jpg

York visit

We visited Yorkshire and York last weekend. We visited the national train museum. I was amazed by the cut open steam locomotive, I took the photo looking towards the front of the loco to the right of the photo with the fire box in the foreground to the left. The river is the Ouse and the house is Beningbrough Hall.

IMG_20180715_112537.jpg IMG_20180714_162719-EFFECTS.jpg IMG_20180714_150558.jpg IMG_20180714_150511.jpg IMG_20180714_150108.jpg IMG_20180714_145215.jpg

Lavender and NT visits

We went to two National trust properties this weekend. Clandon House, which was burned out in 2015, so that made the visit interesting as it’s possible to go inside of the building and see the structure. Then we visited Hatchlands Park where we had a localy walk around the grounds. On the Sunday we visited the Lavender fields.

IMG_20180701_141613.jpg IMG_20180701_113422-EFFECTS.jpg IMG_20180630_123816-EFFECTS.jpg IMG_20180630_113352.jpg IMG_20180630_105059.jpg IMG_20180630_105051.jpg IMG_20180630_103102.jpg IMG_20180630_103018.jpg

Dash and CB

This weekend the dash corner went in and then on Sunday the CB was fitted.

Rear of Dash Corner.JPG Front Left of Dash Corner.JPG IMG_20180701_182303.jpg IMG_20180701_182251.jpg IMG_20180629_205637.jpg IMG_20180627_211915.jpg IMG_20180627_211908.jpg