Bracknell town centre

We visited Bracknell town centre, the Lexicon as it is known. I looked up the meeting of the word out of curiosity.

the vocabulary of a person, language, or branch of knowledge.

So I imagine then that this is mean to suggest that Bracknell’s vocabulary is made up of chain stores with zero character? Thats a touch harsh, as there are not very many successful town centres without the big chains.

I can see that the architect had fun, I can appreciate their efforts.

Also we have so many of these spiders in our garden, I counted with ease 6 last night. While I was out in the garden the neighbours cat went into the shed.

IMG_20170926_184655.jpg IMG_20170926_183544.jpg IMG_20170925_214137.jpg IMG_20170925_213155.jpg IMG_20170925_212907.jpg IMG_20170925_212722.jpg IMG_20170925_212239.jpg IMG_20170925_212226.jpg

Isles of Scilly and Bodmin Moor

Spent a weekend in Cornwall to celebrate Lisa’s birthday, we visiting the Isles of Scilly and Bodmin Moor. Saw some, tens, of dolphins, perhaps the same pod twice, who knows. IMG_20170923_185009.jpg IMG_20170923_154051.jpg IMG_20170923_144541.jpg IMG_20170923_144450.jpg IMG_20170923_140106.jpg IMG_20170923_134540.jpg IMG_20170923_121303.jpg IMG_20170923_114542.jpg

IMG_20170924_163001.jpg IMG_20170924_162049.jpg IMG_20170924_133707.jpg IMG_20170924_133504.jpg IMG_20170924_130651.jpg IMG_20170924_123850.jpg IMG_20170924_120305.jpg

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