We went to Stratford-Upon-Avon on Saturday, we made the journey on a steam locomotive. This was I think the first time I have ever made an actual journey on a steam train.

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Easter Weekend

We went to Lauren and James’ on Friday. We all visited Reinham Hall which is a National Trust property where they had an Easter egg hunt. That after back at theirs we saw a fox in the back garden. Saturday I fitted out the shed a little more and reinforced the area of the bench where the 7 inch vice will attach. We spent Sunday in Portsmouth, the picture is of Old Portsmouth. Today (Monday) we went and visited Windlesham Arboretum, very pretty. During the afternoon and with Hannah’s help I sorted the garage out and discovered a wasp is busy making it her home also.

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Garden photos

I took some rather arty photos in our garden the other day. Plus the one photo of the shed and the mud patch.

IMG_20170407_153954.jpg IMG_20170407_153814.jpg IMG_20170407_153354.jpg IMG_20170407_105550.jpg

No. 7 6 inch vice

Vice restoration in progress. I need to make two new jaws for it, clean it up and put back together. One machine screw that was in the jaw was broken off in the hole, so I’ve drilled it out to 8.5mm and will tap them all M10 I think. My wire brush is like me these days, going bald.

IMG_20170406_194428.jpg IMG_20170406_193629.jpg IMG_20170406_193528.jpg IMG_20170404_175014.jpg IMG_20170404_175004.jpg


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