Greenwich Observatory

We went to the planetarium in Greenwich the other weekend. We also walked under the Thames in a tunnel built over a hundred years ago. The planetarium talk was brilliant. Highly recommended.

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Stihl Bar

I picked up a Stihl chainsaw bar for Alan the other day, something of a beast. A double ended milling bar.

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More screws

I put a lot more screws into the shed today. There is now a screw every 10″ or so along the joins, where the walls meet and down into the floor. I also had some builders banding and fixed the roof down in the middle and ran screws both up into the beams of the roof and through the beams into the side panels. That shed will have to either burn down or rot away before it comes apart.

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Eynsham Hall

We visited and stayed at Eynsham Hall this weekend. It was most pleasant, we didn’t do a great deal, went swimming, chilled, relaxed, went into the local town in the afternoon then returned for a meal. We left having enjoyed the opulence of the room and surroundings.

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