Shed building weekend

This weekend Joel and I put down  foundations and build my shed. Hannah helped buy and load the blocks and gravel. She did the heavy stuff as I stood by doing nothing. It got built in-between the rain showers and stops for tea.

IMG_20170227_064600.jpg IMG_20170226_170952.jpg IMG_20170226_141637.jpg IMG_20170226_135924.jpg IMG_20170226_124638.jpg IMG_20170226_110153.jpg IMG_20170225_143910.jpg IMG_20170225_123443.jpg IMG_20170225_123337.jpg IMG_20170225_110028.jpg

Shed Delivery

Today the shed was delivered. Because my back isn’t so great they off loaded it for me and stacked it neatly so that I can assemble at my leisure. ¬†They even went to the trouble of stacking it in the order that I’ll want the panels. Pretty thoughtful professionals. The other pictures are Tigger trying to help me learn C# language to program my Arduous.

IMG_20170214_170140.jpg IMG_20170214_130828.jpg IMG_20170213_202514.jpg IMG_20170213_202055.jpg

Shed space

I finished digging the garden the other day. I have created a level space large enough for a shed. This is approximately 1/10th of the area of our garden is now going to be shed.


New tyres

I got two new tyres for the rear of the Volvo, also got it cleaned. This is a piece of glass pipe, a reducing fitting from 6″ to 4″ with the couplings for both ends.

But first off, the cat, he does this every once in while, no idea why. I can only imagine that he likes the feeling of the plastic stuff on his paws.

IMG_20170207_165704.jpg IMG_20170207_165653.jpg IMG_20170207_165645.jpg IMG_20170207_075850.jpg IMG_20170207_075845.jpg IMG_20170207_075138.jpg

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