Flying again

I took the Powerup FPV up to Caesars Fort again for a few flights again.

And this flight, I used the YouTube stabilisation thingy to make the video easier to watch, the camera is really attached firmly to the plane.

Edited pictures

Took some pictures of the house this morning. Then edited them in ‘photos’.

IMG_20170122_100615.jpg IMG_20170122_100538.jpg

Rudyard Kipling

We visiting two National Trust properties today, firstly Rudyard Kipling’s  house called Batemans. Having found the cafe to be closed we left after an hour or so and continued on to Bodium Castle which is close by. We also very briefly visited a reservoir called Bewl Water and then ever so briefly visited Scotney Castle on the way home.

IMG_20170122_124128.jpg IMG_20170122_120108.jpg

 IMG_20170122_152410.jpg IMG_20170122_143212.jpg IMG_20170122_142811.jpg IMG_20170122_140947.jpg IMG_20170122_135509.jpg IMG_20170122_135252.jpg

More FPV Flights

The app was updated the other day, now I am flying the plane by using the Google carboard head set, I then look where I want the plane to fly and it goes, look up, up it goes, tilt right, it flies right etc.

While I was up there at Ceasers Fort, having crashed the plane after the second video, I was squatting changing the battery and getting read for the next flight, i stood up to find that a deer had come out of the woods behind me, walked reasonably close me and was walking away across the open ground. The photo makes it look miles away..

IMG_20170121_170902.jpg IMG_20170121_164925.jpg IMG_20170121_114742.jpg IMG_20170121_112708.jpg

Leveling for Shed

This weekend I did a little more soil moving in the garden, I have started to level an area for the shed to go.

IMG_20170115_135442.jpg IMG_20170115_132816.jpg

Snow in Bracknell

So it’s snowing in Bracknell this evening. Hannah and I went for a walk. I took my camera to see if I could capture any cool images. It seems that my camera wasn’t focusing very well. But at least it can take longer exposure images than the phone.


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Having rooted my phone I took some pictures as I did it. But since I had to use my camera I hadn’t had the incing to get the card reader out and put the pictures up here.. now I finally found the motivation.


Cyanogenmod 14.1 installed

The other day I successfully rooted my Samsung S5 phone without ‘bricking’ it as I imagined I might. I then installed Cyanogenmod 14.1, which is an Android Nougat 7.1 based custom operating system for my phone. It has loads more features that I can tweek and has no bloat wear to waste space (I now have 7Gb of free space).

Screenshot_20170102-184727.png Screenshot_20170102-183557.png

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New Years Eve and Day

We had some of Hannah’s friends come and stay with us to see in the new year. I suggested that we try to do a jigsaw puzzle. Not an easy one, oh no, it has large patches of pure white in it. We went for a walk at Virginia Water and saw the water fall there. Also we walked out past Southhill Park in the early hours of New Years day.

IMG_20170101_165422.jpg IMG_20170101_115054.jpg IMG_20170101_002835.jpg IMG_20161231_192705.jpg IMG_20161231_172200.jpg IMG_20161231_114621.jpg

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