Radiator red

I have now finished the bulkhead repairs, so the settings wings and front panel are now off. Front panel will go for galvanising. The radiator is getting a coat of paint. Hannah and I saw these panels of prefabricated concrete with bricks, never seen anything like that before. The totum pole was given to the UK by the first nations from Alberta, it stands at Virginia water.

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Powerup FPV

These are my flights from Sunday, I forgot to record some. So excited to just fly it.

Powerup FPV

At long last, having ordered it shortly after Christmas (2015) I have now received my Powerup FPV plane. I plan on flying it tomorrow if the weather conditions are right.

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Land Rover bulkhead project

I have finally gotten the bulk head done. At least there is nothing more that I want to do before galvanising. I have collected and prepared all of the parts that can be shot blasted and some of those will go for galvanising. I have now stripped the wings off the grill, as the front panel will go for galvanising. The wings will get a tidy up and some new aluminium inner wings and parts. I saw snow at my Auntie Jean’s in South Petherton when I visited.

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Garden Wall Done

The wall was finished by Peter Smith of PBS Landscaping on Friday 11th November.

20161113_105128.jpg 20161113_104911.jpg 20161113_104650.jpg