PC up and running

My PC is now connected to the network via an internet over power adapter. The adapter is a Zyxel as is our router. I get a ping of about 4ms to the router over the power adapter, which I think is pretty impressive.

We’re getting about 37Mbps out of our new internet service provider, a small company called Zen who are based in Rochdale.

I put a second coat of paint onto the doors and bit and pieces for the land rover last weekend too. I also bought a new air filter for the Volvo the other day, finally got around to fitting it today. It should make a fair difference:

20160929_185616.jpg 20160929_185548.jpg 20160929_185412.jpg 20160926_200131.jpg 20160926_200119.jpg 20160926_200043.jpg

Bronze green

I bought some bronze green paint from Paddocks a while ago, it’s real leaded nasty paint, which is a joy to use. The joy part is likely to turn into a head ache later I expect. It does go on very nicely.

20160918_163230.jpg 20160918_163221.jpg 20160918_163213.jpg 20160918_163204.jpg 20160918_163150.jpg 20160918_154137.jpg

Long time no post

I’ve not posted for a while, guess that not being able to access this blog editor at work is having an affect on my productivity both here and at work.

A couple or more week ends ago I spent the week at Al’s, with Dave working on the bulkhead, Dave and I got the remaining footwell welded in and also got a bunch of patches done.

20160904_160952.jpg 20160904_160943.jpg 20160904_112904.jpg 20160904_112858.jpg 20160904_112854.jpg 20160904_112749.jpg 20160904_112738.jpg