Bulkhead trials

Spent the weekend working in the bulkhead again. Also went to a trial, the leaf and coil club.

20160710_140538.jpg 20160710_140525.jpg 20160710_133755.jpg 20160710_121138.jpg 20160710_121042.jpg 20160710_115003.jpg 20160710_114108.jpg 20160709_125806.jpg 20160709_112958.jpg

Another Skip

We went for a walk around South Hill park on Tuesday evening, it was very pleasant.

We had another skip yesterday, got it loaded, didn’t finish until about 9.30 last night. I did actually start too early either. Around 6ish before we got cracking.

20160707_072109.jpg 20160707_070022.jpg 20160705_210458.jpg 20160705_210450.jpg 20160705_210447.jpg 20160705_210108.jpg 20160705_205218.jpg 20160705_205017.jpg 20160705_204027.jpg

Weekend of hard work

I painted the land rover parts again, the picture though is pretty vivid. The red is a little more dull in reality.

Also the hole got a little larger too and I put the pannier rack onto my bike.

20160703_200153.jpg 20160703_184320.jpg 20160703_145556.jpg 20160701_190159.jpg 20160701_190151.jpg 20160701_190131.jpg