Various, including more digging

We walked through an underpass in Bracknell at the weekend. It was quite surreal with the reflection on the other side. I would have liked to have seen it when it was more flooded.

The swans were in seen in Windsor.

I had a 6 cubic yard skip delivered Monday¬†morning. I had a hand from our neighbour to load the skip using a wheel barrow. Now soil has an approximate bulk density of 1.6 tonnes per cubic meter. Let’s assume 5 cubic yards went in the skip, as it is not entirely full. That is about 3.82 cubic meters, thus we moved 6.1 tonnes of soil in two hours. Not bad going eh?

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Volvo repairs

This weekend I noticed that my indicator stalk was not as stiff as it should have been, this is the second time it’s broken away. I made up another 3mm thick aluminium bracket to support it. It’s now very¬†well supported.

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Land Rover again

I’ve been rebuilding my door bottoms. I’d planned on putting the old aluminum skins on, but when I got the old ones off it turned out that they’re badly corroded. So I’m going to have to live with all new ones. Then last weekend I started pulling apart the bulkhead, drilling spot welds and grinding the bad bits. Also Alan and Dave spotted that my exhaust manifold was creaked, see the Youtube video. On the way home I had a blow out on the Volvo. Guess I’ll need a new tyre.

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Bulkhead off

That’s not an insult unless you’re a Land Rover. Alan and Dave helped me strip it off the truck. Now I just need to fix up the bulkhead and galvanise it then refit. It’s going to take ages.

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