Digging up the garden

Today Andrew and I started to dig up the garden. Hannah and I are planning to create a terraced garden. We found a stag beetle while removing the slabs. I was still hoping to find a lizard..

20160529_172520.jpg 20160529_164425.jpg 20160529_163133.jpg 20160529_145249.jpg 20160529_120544.jpg 20160529_111037.jpg

Decommissioned the shed

On Saturday we took the shed to the recycling centre. We plan on digging out the garden to create a flat area. Then I shall get a larger new shed.

Saw some pretty big spiders under the shed, but none of the lizards or snakes that I had hoped to see.

I broke my sledge hammer, but got it replaced, also planted dad’s plants out front.

20160528_162301.jpg 20160528_160544.jpg 20160528_144728.jpg 20160523_060827.jpg

Trip to Canada

Hannah and I had a wonderful trip to Sudbury first, then go Pentictan and partly over to Vancouver island. We loved visiting our friends and family.

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