Green Lanes with locals

I asked if anyone wanted to go out on the local lanes on the GLASS forum. A chap got back to me and today we went. We did a good number of lanes that I’d not found previously.

Yesterday I tried to water proof my soft top using a home made waterproofer made from clear silicone sealant and white spirit. This morning it looks like it has worked well.

There was a tiny bit of snow this morning.

This is not exactly were I went, but is where google thinks I went.

20160117_145618.jpg 20160117_132945.jpg 20160117_132514.jpg 20160117_094414.jpg

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The Thames is running fairly deep, more so than what might be considered normal for this time of year.


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New doors

Today was new door day. Two guys came and fitted three new doors. They are all composite doors. We ruined two of them with cat flaps for the cat, he’d better be pleased or there will be trouble. These are the front and back doors of this morning.

20160114_073551.jpg 20160114_073542.jpg

 Today the following happened.

20160114_091702.jpg 20160114_091411.jpg 20160114_091747.jpg 20160114_113704.jpg 20160114_145445.jpg IMG-20160114-WA0023.jpeg IMG-20160114-WA0017.jpeg 20160114_154558.jpg

Tigger does not appear thrilled by the change. That cat is rather staid in his ways.

Cold so cold

This moring it was cold outside. So very cold (All things are relative). Cold enough enough for Jack Frost decorate my car with some sweet patterns. I would like to reprouce this pattern as a vinal wrap for my car.

20160114_065929.jpg 20160114_065941.jpg

Too deep today

I thought I would head for Bramshill ford to see how deep it was. I went in until I had water rushing into the foot wells, at that point I stopped and reversed out. After failing to make the ford i picked a rough towards Salisbury. Then I met the police on the byway, they were inspecting a burned out caravan. I moved the caravan chassis with my hilift jack and continued. All in all a good trip.

20160110_100910.jpg 20160110_100728.jpg 20160110_101250~2.jpg 20160110_110113.jpg 20160110_111559~2.jpg 20160110_114457~2.jpg 20160110_114512.jpg 20160110_121302~2.jpg 20160110_125901.jpg 20160110_125625.jpg 20160110_141639~2.jpg

Airplane build

For Christmas Jessica bought me a model, a wooden one. I built it last night, it was good fun.


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Bracknell Bees

We went to the ‘John Nike Leisuresport complex’, home of the Bracknell Bees ice hickey team. We saw them play Telford Tigers and lose to them. The Bees played well, but according to Hannah’s research they’ve only won 7 games this season.

20160103_174718.jpg 20160103_183513.jpg 20160103_183520.jpg 20160103_195210.jpg 20160103_202446.jpg 20160103_202450.jpg

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Microscope denim

I discovered that my phone takes good pictures through the pocket microscope that I’ve had for ages. The two images are the same patch of denim.

20160103_165206.jpg 20160103_165143.jpg


We went for a walk in South Hill Park earlier, so I tried to take a picture of this Swan, but I don’t think he was is for that. I bid him (or her) a fair well immediately having taken the picture.


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Imber in 2016

We decided that we would go to Imber, the village that is inside of the live firing range on Salisbury Plain. The firing range is open to the public for a few days a year. A couple of days around Christmas then a number of days around new years. Then again it opens in August I believe. We were able to visit the Church, which is one of only a few remaining original buildings.

20160101_115649.jpg 20160101_142732.jpg GEDC6801.JPG GEDC6800.JPG GEDC6798.JPG GEDC6797.JPG GEDC6796.JPG GEDC6795.JPG GEDC6794.JPG GEDC6793.JPG GEDC6790.JPG GEDC6789.JPG GEDC6788.JPG GEDC6787.JPG GEDC6786.JPG GEDC6785.JPG

 Hannah gave me some white tyre markers for Christmas. I plan on colouring in all of the large text on the sides of my tyres. This is for no good reason, but that I think it’ll be amusing.


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